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DJ Apsaras is the new direction of DJ Inê and the fresh signing to Digital Shamans Records from Brazil!

In contact with the trance since 2000, increasingly hypnotized by the control of the decks and the effect on the dance floor, Inê began to study the complex mix of Goa and Psytrance.

Her Apsaras sets showcase the freshest night music from all over the globe creating an atmosphere and energy few other DJs manage to grasp!

Apsaras proves that MUSIC is MUSIC, not old and not new, just beyond time and space! She became a staple of Brazilian parties when she was invited to represent and participate in Suntrip rec, the best known and most renowned GOA TRANCE label in the world.

Today, she actively participates in the record label connecting producers and discovering talents. Supporting Goa and the roots of the trance, and the new night music she knows and loves! She organises parties such as Shiva Shankar, Shiva Néris, Easter Festival and GOA604 bringing more of a musical style that moves directly with the soul.

We are excited and happy to have her new directions as part of the DSR team!

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