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Great things evolve from the deep. From the deepest connections and interactions between human beings. One of those things is a new project that goes by the name Borderliners. A project born during the pandemic and a collaborative effort by LabRat – Digital Shamans Records and Inpsyde Out – Digital Shamans Records. Borderliners are smashing borders and boundaries, with the brains behind it manifesting mind melting weirdness. It is the story of an “old man” that has been mangling his brain with psytrance since the mid-nineties, alongside his protege “son” who came to him through the wires of the internet, bonded by their shared passion and love for the music, with the same amount of weirdness. We invite you to dive into our universe of sound. Follow the groove, take a deep breath and let yourself bask in the atmosphere before our lead sounds guide you into the light of darkness !



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