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Constantin aka Inpsyde Out was born and raised in the true north of Germany, right next to the Danish border.
He came in contact with Psytrance during his skateboarding days at the young age of 16. After visiting his first party, he was infected immediately. The music, the people and the vibe were way more than he could ever hope for and he instantly fell in love.
After a long break from making music Constantin started again back in 2016 creating ambient and some cinematic stuff in his living room without taking it too serious. At some point in 2018 he felt that it was on time to produce some Psytrance again and Inpsyde Out was born.
At the end of 2021 right before Christmas Nico (Z3nkai) the head of Digital Shamans Records got in contact with Constantin about his music and he decided to sign Inpsyde Out to his familiar and mind-blowing label.
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