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Digital Shamans Records was founded in 2014, high up in the Swiss Alps by Nico Z3nkai. Having been attending and organising parties for a number of years, the vision for DSR was conceived with the intention of creating a tight knit family of musicians who can share their love for the music and for their respective art-forms surrounding the culture of psychedelic trance.

As the years passed, the passion and talent of everyone involved has become more and more recognised, resulting in one of the leading labels in the scene today.

Digital Shamans Records has compiled more than 50 releases featuring our own roster of 20+ live acts and DJ’s, with the added chunk of some legendary artists from across the globe such as Ajja, Dirty Saffi, Zzbing, Fagin’s Reject, Southwild, Vertical and the late Bruno “Module virus” and many more.

From day one, we have been dedicated to providing full power psychedelic dance music to share the love and wonderment and connection that we feel music has to offer.

Through collaborating and connecting with other big labels in the scene like Purple Hexagon Records, we are keeping our eyes on the horizon and always looking to move forwards, both in terms of the quality of our music and in the connections we can all share. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us on this journey.