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We’re very happy to welcome you to our website. Feel free to browse our artists and releases and enjoy our sounds. You can also keep updated with our upcoming gigs and stay connected with us through social media.

The Digital Shamans Records crew is wishing you guys, all the best for 2024.
We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary next year and we have a lot of exciting news coming soon. Here’s a teaser of 2024, we are sending our love to everyone who supported during all those years, you guys are simply amazing.



We are super happy to announce that we have been working on a new project with Dive Bär Craft Brewery & Taproom at Digital Shamans Records 
We decided to have our own crafted beer the “DIGIT ALE” to celebrate our 10 years anniversary. The private launch party is going to happen on the 02.02.2024, a day before our DIGITAL SHAMANS RECORDS 10 YEARS PARTY at La Gravière – Live Club. Do not miss it if you are in Switzerland.
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Celestial Redemption

In the vast universe exists a particular planet called Earth, where alien souls found themselves stranded in a terrestrial exile.
Desperate for celestial redemption, they stumbled upon a mystical dancefloor hidden deep in the heart of a forgotten forest among earthly lifeforms. Yet, it wasn’t just any dance that would suffice, it had to invoke ancient rhythms from their distant origins. As they danced, their souls soared, transcending earthly boundaries. But as the dance reached its crescendo, they woke up, realizing it was all just a dream.


releases June 28, 2024


In the heart of New Caledonia, in the setting of the Pacific Ocean, there resided a soul in search of a deep connection with its native land.

Traditional Melanesian tribal songs from different tribes resonated like links between past and present. Lulled by these ancestral harmonies, the artist decided to capture this unique experience through a new form of expression: the creation of a world of sound, a kaleidoscope of emotions, memories and reflections.

The wings of the Kagu (cagou), the island’s emblematic birds, seemed to dance to the rhythm of his music. The tribal melodies, inherited from the traditional songs of the various Melanesian tribes, blended harmoniously with the frenetic beats of the psytrance. Each note was like a tribute to the ancestors, carrying with it the rich history of this distant land.


The world is very strange now, you can find such strange bugs.
They look like “Monsters”, don’t get me wrong. They are not bad, they just love to make “bad decisions”. It seems that although we have evolved, we still need “empirical evidence” to decide between good and bad. Who will know what is good and what is bad?

Sometimes they are just “cycles” that repeat themselves in your life and you only manage to undergo metamorphosis when you finally make a “change”. You must “toggle the bubble”, to get something new in your life. And although there is no compass to know if you are going in the right direction, there will always be pleasure in making mistakes, but the pleasure in having found the right direction is enjoyed as much as any drug. For me, that is “My K”.

Anyway, It’s just the way a bug thinks. Every place I have explored is very different, everything is gigantic when an insect looks at it. How strange it is to philosophize, when there are creatures in front of you right now, almost as strange and crazy as me.

releases January 26, 2024

The Great Infiltrator EP

Nothing ever ends in this universe. No information gets lost and nothing can disappear. Everything is just movement transforming into new movement.
Mr. Hollywood doesn´t even look back, while he is leaving the apocalyptic west. Slowly he drives the sausage Beetle into the east, leaving the sunset and everything behind him. From now on, he is starting his great escape.

Driving on empty roads while the radio plays sixties music, followed by poems of a lost generation that is questioning life in itself. While the east comes closer Mr. Hollywood feels kind of woozy, not knowing who he is, not knowing if he belongs to the westside or to the eastside. Slow Hip Hop beats fade away, while the wind blows mantras into his ear. The transformation has begun. He feels lost and lonesome, he is losing his orientation and then he starts to feel the change. Mr. Hollywood transforms into Mr. Bollywood. Rational knowledge combines itself with eastern philosophy, mathematical formulas turn into musical prayers.

All knowledge is universal, every perspective is just subjective and everything is an interpretation, forced by a biochemical process inside the small thing that we call our head. We can only infiltrate our own mind, while we share and receive information and knowledge. Teaching and learning are always equal. Knowledge becomes a shared responsibility.

We never go anywhere. We always stay in the nowhere. We always stay inside ourselves.

After realizing that, Mr. Bollywood turns his head towards the beauty of the majestic nature that is surrounding him, knowing that his future path will guide him into the wild. 



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