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Dj Dharma

Costa Rica close

Djane Dharma is from Alajuela, Costa Rica, a peaceful location in CentralAmerica with amazing biodiversity within its jungles and rainforests, recognized for being one of the happiest countries in the world, also well known worldwide as a psytrance seed with friendly trance lovers.Dharma had her first contact with electronic music […]


Wales close

Bruno VIBETECH originated from Portugal and has since found a home in the northern section of Wales UK. In the 90s his passion for Psytrance began while attending some of the more local parties around Lisbon as a teenager, The most notable being the mighty BOOM festival. Once in the […]


Mexico close

Jair Osorio, aka Dj Mugwump is a member to the litter of great new Mexican DJs, his great performance and talent led him to be a part from the ranks of the Swiss label Digital Shamans Records since 2017. He has left an important mark in creating two compilations: “Prehispanic […]


America close

Born in India, Reza edge is a psychedelic trance artist, and ethnologist, from the USA ( New York) Reza, has been performing at events and festivals worldwide since the year 2000. Upon discovering Goatrance on the beaches of India in the early 90s, Reza developed a diverse and insatiable thirst […]

Toxic Tegan

United Kingdom close

Tegan began DJing professionally in 2012, after being so inspired by the dark psy-trance at Freedom festival in Portugal. The music she plays is described as dark, forest with filthy, twisted, bouncy baselines! Musical tastes include White Zombie, Nirvana and Die Antwoord. Tegan has played at festivals and parties across […]


Brazil close

DJ Apsaras is the new direction of DJ Inê and the fresh signing to Digital Shamans Records from Brazil! In contact with the trance since 2000, increasingly hypnotized by the control of the decks and the effect on the dance floor, Inê began to study the complex mix of Goa […]


Brazil close

Since 2015 Hakini has been making waves in the amazonian scene. She got noticed quickly by the public and gained their admiration by running the magic forest parties. Her style is fully psychedelic, explosive, contagious. Her track selection will get you out of your mind and will transport you to another dimension.


Hamburg [German] close

Having her first experiences with the Psytrance culture in the young age of 15, Hamburg and Schwerin-based Djane KiBa was fascinated and blown away so much by the music and the vibe that her path was simple but clear: Djane/ing! Starting to spin records in 2005, she easily found her […]


France close

Dhira was inspired by music from his earliest childhood since then he has continued to develop his own sensitivity to sound and the creative part of his life. Trained as a drummer, his first contact with the musical universe of the electronic scene would completely change his life. He decided […]