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Dhira was inspired by music from his earliest childhood since then he has continued to develop his own sensitivity to sound and the creative part of his life.

Trained as a drummer, his first contact with the musical universe of the electronic scene would completely change his life. He decided to become a DJ in the mid-90s, to share his sense of rhythm and partying. He then began to mix at events in the South-East of France, participate in the development of parties with the “Body and Mind” collective, host a radio show “Astral Communication” and share stages with prestigious artists and founders of electronic music.

From there, his passion for music continued to guide him on a journey filled with encounters across the globe and its dance floors (Brazil, Croatia, France, India, Japan, Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, and Turkey). He joined the Swiss label Peak Records in 2007 and collaborated with the famous duo YabYum and Ajja. In 2016, continuing his search for new experiences, he joined alongside the artists of Digital Shamans Records and released four compilations, bringing together prestigious artists such as Ajja, Act One, Braingeeners, Doom’s, Endeavour, Earthworm, Gaspard, Headworks, Ingrained Instincts, Jumpstreet, Psymmetrix, Radikal Moodz, Z3nkaï, and many others … And also released tracks on Peak Records, Forestdelic Records, Digital Shamans Records.

Since 1993, Dhira has performed over 600 shows around the world, including some of the biggest parties and festivals in the world. Composition, creativity, the search for new sounds, and his passion for technology are at the origin of the delights he creates through his music: psychedelic, energetic, and groovy.

“I like it groovy, funky with acid and liquid sounds mixed with atmospheric melodies ”



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