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Dj Dharma

Costa Rica


Djane Dharma is from Alajuela, Costa Rica, a peaceful location in Central
America with amazing biodiversity within its jungles and rainforests, recognized for being one of the happiest countries in the world, also well known worldwide as a psytrance seed with friendly trance lovers.
Dharma had her first contact with electronic music at the age of 16 when she spent 7 months in New Zealand, a country that she admires for its Maori culture, people, and landscapes. After this experience abroad she continued listening to different genres of electronic music for years; in 2003 she purchased a pair of used Technics SL-1200 turntables and she began to play different electronic music styles. Djane Dharma started listening more to Psytrance music, and fell in love with the genre; influenced by the sounds of this genre she initiated her career as a professional Dj in Costa Rica in 2006, spinning Progressive Psytrance, Night Full On, Psychedelic, Dark Psy, and Forest Psy. Also, she collaborates with events organizations and promoters.

Her humble, outgoing personality and energetic performance in combination with her music selection of twisted sounds, always brings good energy to the dancefloor, creating a great connection with the crowd.
She has played in events in Europe and Central America, sharing the dancefloor with many producers and artists such as Yara, R2, Blisargon Demogorgon, Drip Drop, Z3nkai, Act One, Kikx, Illegal Machines, Mubali, Kox Box, Ataro, Noein, Gappeq, Ali, Space Tribe, Wizack Twizack, Z-Cat, Audiophatik, Malice in Wonderland, Frantic Noise, Iron Madness, Hiyarant, Megalopsy, Psychotic Micro, Psychoz, Dirty Freak, Pixie, Nxso, Xhamanik Ritual among others.

In Italy, she had a wonderful experience sharing the dancefloor in the event
Kaliyuga taking place in Rome with Child_OS, a well-known event organizer. She also played at Peninsula Félsziget which is Romania`s largest music festival with different styles of electronic music taking place in Târgu Mureş. In Romania, she also played in two different editions of Transylvania Calling, a well-known international festival taken place in Cheisoara a magical location near Rasnov and Brasov. Another country that has opened the psygates to Djane Dharma several times is Guatemala, one of her favorite places.
You can define Dharma as an open-minded artist always searching for new
adventures, she believes that we could have a great balance if we begin to recover our sensible senses, this is when we will be able to perceive the ultimate reality that lies behind the power of nature.



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