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Hamburg [German]


Having her first experiences with the Psytrance culture in the young age of 15, Hamburg and Schwerin-based Djane KiBa was fascinated and blown away so much by the music and the vibe that her path was simple but clear: Djane/ing!

Starting to spin records in 2005, she easily found her way and sound within the Psytrance kaleidoscope. Proven correct a year later by the first bookings coming in throughout Northern Germany; clearly a reflection on her special way of sound…

A sound which can be described as a rough, stompin’, intense and as well mixture of Twisted Twilight and psychedelic forest which is perfectly mirrored in her own character: full power!

The abbreviation KiBa stands for Kick & Bass (which are usually stomping in 150 Bpm) but as well for the German words “Kirsch Banane” (Cherry Banana).

Be sure to catch her Kick and Bass at the next party near you! You will be delighted…


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