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Mental Bugs



It’s Bugs time!
Mental Bugs is the Mexican psychedelic project created by Gilberto Castro and Jair Osorio in early 2017.
Jair started his career as a DJ under the name Mugwump, then decided to study musical production, making the perfect fusion between raw talent and knowledge. That’s when he met Gilberto, who, having previous experience collaborating with alternative punk and rock bands, decided to enter the world of electronic music. By mixing ideas, hours of hard work and dedication, Mental Bugs was born, a creation that unites the musical talent of 2 masterminds!

In 2018, they were invited to be part of the Swiss label Digital Shamans Records by launching their debut EP “Swarm Intelligence”, which gained great acceptance across the dancefloors
of the world, achieving international recognition.
Currently, they are working in collaboration with world-class artists like Z3nkai, with many compilations planned to be released in different parts of the world.
Mental Bugs gives us a new experience, full of unimaginable atmospheres, tiny beings and funny basslines that lead the mind on a pleasant journey, full of psychedelia that gives an experimental experience on the dancefloor.




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