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/ 20 December 2022 00:00

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Date: 20 December 2022 00:00
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TranceIt is teaming up with some of South Africa’s most renowned artists and other globally known artists to create a landmark gathering that defines and develops a new epoch of psychedelic trance music experience. After having travelled the globe and dedicating immense time to music, we are now passionately bringing “BumbleBee” to the idyllic shores of Goa! We have curated a staggering lineup that will leave you in awe while creating a one-of-a-kind, mind-altering experience that includes top-notch production, and soul-stirring visuals. We aim to bring together local and international members who enjoy psychedelic trance culture in a safe and fun environment where all are welcome!

The countdown to “BumbleBee” is officially on! The first wave of out-of-time beats has arrived! It’s called BumbleBee because we are gathering everyone in for an adventure! We will soon announce the fully booked Phase 1 lineup. Endlessly exploring, with head-banging tunes and moments of transcendence for an epic 2 nights of pure bliss to activate your thought patterns.