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/ 24 February 2024 00:00

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Date: 24 February 2024 00:00
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The event

After having one of the best parties we’ve ever had for our One one-year anniversary in October. It keeps driving our passion and pushes us to continue the project to no end! We are excited to bring you our 5th edition of consistent evolution that Satori has become
Prepare to have your ears blessed by some really musically interesting artists. ‘GANDHABBA and MENTAL BUGS’ from Portugal and Mexico respectively. Complimented by some carefully picked UK artists ‘VIBETECH b2b LYSINERGY, MYCELIAM and SATI’ bringing the night-time vibe we have!
Expect a groovy alternative selection of fantastic upbeat beats featuring some well-known artists to capture the soul in the second room. We are proud that we can offer the opportunity to experience two psychedelic-inspired rooms at our events.
February has become our event of ‘New’.. expect a whole new look for the club. Aztec vibes are coming
Opening & Closing times: 9:45pm – 5:00am
Line up: Main Stage
🟢 GANDHABBA (Reversible Records)
🟢 MENTAL BUGS (Digital Shamans Rec)
🟢VIBETECH & LYSINERGY (Digital Shamans Rec) (AudioAddicts)
🟢SATI ( Expo Records )
✨ Line up: Alternative Stage ✨
🟢 GREG ZOGG (Planet Zogg)
🟢 PSYLAS (FariePirates)
🟢 VIKRAM S (Genre Music