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Mavzy – So​û​l Kall

MAVZY —  2024 / 1 Tracks / Digital Shamans Records

Mavzy – So​û​l Kall

In the heart of New Caledonia, in the setting of the Pacific Ocean, there resided a soul in search of a deep connection with its native land.

Traditional Melanesian tribal songs from different tribes resonated like links between past and present. Lulled by these ancestral harmonies, the artist decided to capture this unique experience through a new form of expression: the creation of a world of sound, a kaleidoscope of emotions, memories and reflections.

The wings of the Kagu (cagou), the island’s emblematic birds, seemed to dance to the rhythm of his music. The tribal melodies, inherited from the traditional songs of the various Melanesian tribes, blended harmoniously with the frenetic beats of the psytrance. Each note was like a tribute to the ancestors, carrying with it the rich history of this distant land.

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