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Psilocyburns is a Scottish psytrance producer from the coastal town of Stonehaven, where he was involved in the psytrance collective known as Dark Forest. In collaboration with several other collectives from around Scotland, Dark Forest delivered top tier psychedelic experiences for all those who love cutting loose and having a blast with friends.

After only a couple years of DJ’ing, he decided to create his own sounds and came out with his first EP: Stoney Roots. Since then, he has signed with Digital Shamans Records, releasing several tracks across various VA’s and recently coming out with his newest EP, Jungle Rollers. Alongside this, he has performed at stages across the UK and experienced his first international gig at Freaky Moon Party in Geneva, Switzerland.

Having cultivated his sound over the years, Psilocyburns draws inspiration from raw, high energy psychedelic sounds that give you a burst of energy when you thought you had nothing left to give and a smile on your face.

2020 is already shaping up to be a hell of a year for Psilocyburns in terms of releases, gigs and collabs with some of the scenes heaviest hitters!


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