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/ 22 April 2023 00:00

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Date: 22 April 2023 00:00
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The event

Satori’ officially started out as Henry’s 21st birthday party.. The Covid era was no fun for anyone.. This is the party that never was!! Celebrating Henry’s 24th in style! Alongside the fabulous Lou from the ‘Beats Bizarre’ team who is also celebrating her birthday!
As expected we have a really spectacular lineup featuring some of the best acts within the scene and also the people that provide the environments we enjoy so much. (Elemental, Illusion, Tribal sphere, Cosmic soup, noetic flux, beats bizarre, technicolour sounds, Shiva sonic and Satori) if you like their style, you’ll love their events!
At this stage, every event has been a major milestone for us, something truly magical happened last time out. They’re the moments that make it special. We haven’t let off the gas. New and exciting small, implemented changes can have a huge effect on what we experience. Boundaries are only created to be broken.
Once again we have continued the collaboration with ‘The Beats Bizarre’ team Steve and Lou! The alternative room was absolutely bouncing. Expect a beautiful, alternative, experience with the finest selection of Psychedelic techno ever witnessed in the North. Seats, hot drinks, sweets and snacks, will also be provided in the basement room. A warm and comfy vibe awaits you!