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Bruno VIBETECH originated from Portugal and has since found a home in the northern section of Wales UK. In the 90s his passion for Psytrance began while attending some of the more local parties around Lisbon as a teenager, The most notable being the mighty BOOM festival. Once in the UK, Vibetech attended the Manchester School of Electronic music in 2011 where he learned how to properly use turn tables. After a 7-year break behind the decks, in June 2018 Vibetech won the London-based PsyAliens DJ competition. The passion for mixing was once again ignited.  Since then, Vibetech has been a familiar face rocking dancefloors around the country alongside some of the biggest psytrance names in the world! Playing a versatile range of psychedelic sounds, his high-energy presence is welcomed by all! Bruno Vibetech also co-hosts a popular up-and-coming Psytrance event in the UK ‘Satori’ where he’s found love in giving the new.. and the old, an opportunity to experience the beautiful psychedelic atmosphere we all enjoy.
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