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Dendrophile – Sitka Snap Psychedelia

Dendrophile —  2022 / 1 Tracks / Digital Shamans Records /

We welcome you to Digital Shamans next release Sitka Snap Psychedelia debut EP – are people of nature, people of the forest lovers of the trees. They are people proud to sink their roots deep into the ground, tapping into the earth network beneath their feet. They ride the vibrations between trees to better communicate with nature and to remind themselves of the intrinsic connections that all consciousness shares. We seek humility in the understanding that humankind is infantile compared to our distant relatives, the trees.

The EP title from Dendrophile “Sitka Snap Psychedelia debut EP”, was inspired by a woodland stroll. In searching for our new sound amongst the trees, we found instead the profound realisation that even the strongest of these ancient plants, share the same fragility that the rest of life on earth is subjected to.
The trees had grown tall and strong along the forest’s prevailing border, the roots at the edge of the forest grow deeper, and stronger, determined to stay upright to act as the last line of defence for the rest of the forest. We invite you to come and stroll for the first time along the windy woodland paths passing Sitka Snaps and loose yourself in the wild prevailing winds and echoes of the ancient forests and woodlands in the north of the UK.

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