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Mr Hollywood – Inpsyde Out

Inpsyde Out —  2023 / 1 Tracks / Digital Shamans records
Inpsyde Out – Mr. Hollywood – EP : Official Release Date : 31.03.2023 ❤
Mothers, hide your kids!
Inpsyde Out has escaped from the apocalyptic ruins of a western civilization’s nightmare. He has emerged as Mr. Hollywood, the sole survivor. He makes his way into a colorful future, in an attempt to infiltrate the senses of the youth with some mind-melting weirdness.
The tunes he has prepared for this purpose are a blending of styles and genres, combining all the musical goodies that shaped the sound of Mr. Holywood throughout his musical life.
No Borders, no boundaries, and always unique. From the very first moment, Inpsyde Out was about something different. Being different is what it was and is all about.
This debut EP on Digital Shamans Records spans a wild ride through the last two years. The journey started in solitude and was born through self-isolation and self-oscillation. By the time it was possible to return to the dancefloors after a long hiatus, Mr. Hollywood had been born. Now he is ready to unleash this blockbuster extravaganza loud into the night sky, sending you to BooBooLala Land.
Mastering : Wild Mastering
Artwork : Joesanchezart
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