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V.A. – COSMIC UNITY – compiled by Elfie

 —  2021 / 1 Tracks / Digital Shamans Records

Cosmic Unity is the fruit of gathering the best & most psychedelic music essence of the moment, by both known and upcoming artists. Through this compilation, each track contains messages weaved into their story to germinate seeds of hope within everyone.

We are all living difficult times with different stories. This compilation represents a tale that applies to all lovers of full-on, psytrance, forest or hi tech. Our cosmic unity guides us as we push towards a better future together, surrounded by the people we love.

l.Hosenfeld – Magic Space
2.Cosmic Playground – Tumbleweed
3.Killer B vs Arcane Fungus – Spanx
4.Microsphere – The Truth
5.Psylociburns – Romp in The Swamp
6.Aday – Hyperspace
7.Gaspard vs Eden Lake – Srain Boup
8.Synthetik Chaos vs Kalicell – Groovy Madness
9.Aragorn – Start Again
10.Asylom – Lunatic Queen
11.Athzira – Kahatsa
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