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Insectology by Mental Bugs

Mental Bugs —  2024 / 1 Tracks / Digital Shamans Records


The world is very strange now, you can find such strange bugs.
They look like “Monsters”, don’t get me wrong. They are not bad, they just love to make “bad decisions”. It seems that although we have evolved, we still need “empirical evidence” to decide between good and bad. Who will know what is good and what is bad?

Sometimes they are just “cycles” that repeat themselves in your life and you only manage to undergo metamorphosis when you finally make a “change”. You must “toggle the bubble”, to get something new in your life. And although there is no compass to know if you are going in the right direction, there will always be pleasure in making mistakes, but the pleasure in having found the right direction is enjoyed as much as any drug. For me, that is “My K”.

Anyway, It’s just the way a bug thinks. Every place I have explored is very different, everything is gigantic when an insect looks at it. How strange it is to philosophize, when there are creatures in front of you right now, almost as strange and crazy as me.

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